This fighting game lets you choose a god and beat up other gods!

Fight of Gods is the name of this unusual fighting game from indie studio Digital Crafter, published by PQube Limited, and unusual is an understatement.

The idea is simple: “Let’s create a 2D style fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter”, but then one of the developers walked into the room, drunk and high, and suggested something insane, wild, irrational. In fact, it’s such a crazy idea, that it just might work.

Have you ever wondered who would win in an one-on-one battle between Zeus and Jesus? Budha and Odin?
Now, you will see what a Jesus vs Moses 1-on-1 fight looks like!

Fight of Gods is available on Steam as an Early Access game, and with 40% of the price. So hurry up and get it, before Jesus loses a tooth!


Here’s the trailer:

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