We played the FIFA 18 Demo, read our review

The demo version of this year’s FIFA soccer game is out, and we tried it out.

Watch the recorded live-stream here:

Here are a couple of thoughts:

The good:

  • The graphics: Right from the start, animations seem smoother, and images, objects and players are sharper than before. The general feel is very similar to the game’s predecessor – FIFA 17, but does give off a more modern look. That’s not enough to call it innovative, it’s just a little bit different. In-game, the graphics are beautiful. All the players look better than ever before, and other things look wonderful as well. EA did a great job in this segment, although there are a couple of things we’d like to see improved in the future, but we’ll leave them for “The bad” section.
  • Physics: It is even more difficult to defend, or to organize an attack properly. The previously mentioned player movements are obviously different from those in FIFA 17, especially if you’ve played the previous game. The movements are closer to being realistic (players don’t stop that easily after a sprint). We do like ourselves some realistic additions to the game, don’t we?
  • Stadiums: Although not a huge improvement or an obvious change, the stadiums are beautiful. They look great, and it feels great playing in each one of them. The crowd improves the feeling even more, so you almost feel like you’re watching the game from the stands of The Bombonera or Allianz Arena.

The bad:

  • The graphics: The whole game seems to be under some kind of sponge filter. At times it feels like some colors are washed out, almost pale. It’s not a big problem, but it does take away from the cinematics at times. The in-game menu is still kind of weird and confusing, and basically the same as FIFA 17’s. We need improvements here, ASAP.
  • Physics: FIFA’s old problem – players looking like they’re made of wood – is back. The improvement in facial expressions, and eye movement does help with this, but Ronaldo & co. still are stiff and robotic, and everyone’s shoulders are too wide for a one-wing-door. And btw, fix the eyes EA – they’re on another level of “realistic” than the rest of the face, so they just seem creepy. Also: If a player is better than another, it doesn’t mean that they have to bounce off of him like he’s Superman. Has anyone at EA actually played soccer? Ever?
  • Other: A thing that bothered us in FIFA 17 still hasn’t been fixed. The mouse cursor. If you’re playing with a gamepad, you’ll notice how every time there’s a menu, it behaves as if you moved the mouse cursor to the position where it’s at, highlighting the underlying menu. This needs to be fixed. It’s annoying and shouldn’t have been happening in the first place!


“At least they improved the graphics this time” – random 14yr old FIFA player.

Jokes aside, FIFA 18 brings some great improvements to gameplay and graphics. However, if you have FIFA 17 – please stop for a moment and consider if the game is really worth the price when the short description is “some graphical improvements and more wooden players”. If you don’t own the previous game or two, FIFA 18 is definitely worth checking out, if you have the budget for it.

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