Here’s a feature filled “Skyrim Together” trailer to get the Hype-Train going!

The one thing all TES3: Morrowind, TES4: Oblivion, and TES5: Skyrim players always wanted is to play with a friend. No, we didn’t ask for TES:Online, we just wanted one of these games – with all the story, quests, characters, enemies, locations – but to be able to play with a friend or two.

The team behind Skyrim Together, a co-op mod for Skyrim, is working hard to do just that. The feature update trailer below will show you how much work they have already done, as well as their plans for the future.

Is this like Skyrim but online? Well, yes. It does lack some things we would like to see, but given the time in which this incredible mod has been created, we can only praise the creators. To make things even more exciting, they are making a Skyrim Together API, allowing creators to implement their mods into this version.

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