Bioware’s Anthem RPG will get a BETA release before launch

Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming RPG, has been attracting attention ever since it’s reveal at E3. Some have compared it to Destiny and Division, while others are just hyped and happy for another game by the creators of epic serials like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

No matter what your thoughts are now, you’ll be happy to know that Johnatan Warner, the games’ director, has confirmed that there will be an Open Beta phase before the actual release of the finished game.

There aren’t many details available about the game, but we can surely expect awesome storylines and graphics, as we had with all BioWare games so far.

The info we have so far is that the story takes place (or starts) on a new planet, where humanity lives protected by a shield barrier, and players who take the role of a freelancer are able to travel beyond the wall to fight enemies, find loot, and go on various quests. Gameplay will probably be similar to the Mass Effect series, meaning a third-person shooting perspective. The game will feature a hybrid single-multiplayer system so other players can join in to help you with your campaign, or you can just be a lone wolf and do everything on your own.

The exact release date for Anthem isn’t known yet, but the launch is planned for the last quarter of 2018 on PC, Xbox and Playstation.

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