Fortnite and Battle Royale reached 7 Million players!

Fortnite, the new PUBG-style game, has reached a new milestone of 7 Million players. That includes both – the paid Fortnite, as well as the F2P Battle Royale game.

Two new features have been announced by Epic Games: Duos and Supply Drops, and we can already guess that Duos means playing with a partner, and Supply Drops will fall from the sky randomly on locations on the map. These features will make the game more interesting, and Epic Games hope to keep the increase of interested players, in order to stay competitive to PUBG.

While Battle Royale is a free, independent game, Fortnite is available for $40 on PS4, XBO and PC. In 2018., this game should also become Free2Play.

The fact that both PUBG and Fortnite are organized into 100-player, Hunger Games-like matches, caused Bluehole to call out Epic Games for theft of ideas, but for now there are no legal moves between the two developers.

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