New details about the game that has a 400-player mode are here!

United Kingdom’s Automaton Games studio is developing a shooter MMO that will feature up to 1000 players. The game hasn’t been officially announced, and it doesn’t have a name yet (known only as ‘Project X’ for now), and the environment will be shaped by the players’ actions. They previously announced a 400-player PvP arena game mode, and consindering an investment of $10 Million that has been raised for development, this game could actually be the first really serious competition to PUBG.

The gameplay is simple enough, with players being on an futuristic island, four faction towns, and a central capital that runs the area. Your task is to go and take out all your enemies, so you can make a life for yourself. So the game has somewhat of a story. The whole narrative should progress based on player interactions, and that’s just the beginning. The game will feature a lot of narratives for different part of the land. The game is built with the help of SpatialOS, that lets developers make games without hardware restrictions.

Project X will be a full MMORPG game, with five progression tiers of weapon, armor, and customisation. Players will be placed in parties of two to 25 people, with a balance system. If someone happens to achieve a 1000-player killstreak, other players will be informed. There will also be a bounty system, to keep people in check. In a sense, the game will feature politics too.

Also, the game will feature Quests which affect the narratives in the world. One important point is that you can also play it as a lone wolf, if you don’t have any friends, or don’t like playing with others (which is probably the reason why you don’t have friends in the first place).

What we know so far shows great promise, but nothing is written in stone. We are now left to wait for a trailer of some sorts, to reveal the actual name of the game, and to give us a feeling as to what we can actually expect from this.

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