You’re a Goose. Your job: Make life horrible for the groundskeeper

Every now and then, there comes along a game that’s completely different from anything we’ve seen before. It just so happens, that satan himself created a creature that is the perfect protagonist of this game – a Goose.

House House, known for Push Me Pull You, are currently working on this still untitled game in which you play the role of a Goose. They have released a short gameplay preview, showing us how fun it is to annoy the hell out of a poor groundskeeper by hiding his sandwiches in the pond, stealing his tools, making him chase you through the garden etc.

If you, like us, laughed your cheeks off while watching the clip, you are probably one of the thousands who can’t wait for this game to be released. The game is currently in its pre-Alpha stage, and many things will probably be changed (and improved we hope).

It is expected to be released in 2018.

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